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FINAL DRIVE SEALS for Allis Chalmers, Caterpillar, and International Early Crawlers

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Due to popular demand and the requests we have received, we are expanding the line of final drive seals we have made.

We have produced the IH final drive seals for years and have had good success with the IH TD6, TD9, BTD6
BTD8 and the and B100 crawlers.

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TD6 SMALL OUTER SEAL 53532D-->313204R1 $85.00
TD6 LARGE INNER SEAL 53535D                       $125.00
TD9 SMALL OUTER SEAL 53538DA -->313206R1  $100.00
TD9 LARGE INNER SEAL 53537DA-->313205R1   $125.00

IH_BTD6FINALDRIVESEAL.jpg (27423 bytes)   For the BTD6, BTD8 AND B100 Crawlers made in the UK  702991R91 final drive seal   $185.00

To go withthe IH seals, we also produced the AC HD5 and HD6 final drive and trasmission seals.

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SMALL OUTER SEAL  073763 --->70073763        $94.00 ea
LARGE INNER SEAL   073762 ---> 70073762     $124.00 ea

AC_SEAL_KIT_082876.JPG (218509 bytes)   AC HD5 HD6 Transmission front seal 082876--->70082876   $91.00

Because of what we have done with these seals we have helped keep many of these early machines in service that would not have been operating otherwise.

We have had the final drive seals for the Cat D2 and Cat 22's in stock now for a few years and we will be adding to that product line for the Cat crawlers.

CAT_5H0424_FINAL_DRIVE_SEAL.JPG (57425 bytes)   1A4296--->3B5762--->1H9887---> 5H0424 (5H424)   $165.00 EA
   933 Traxcavators  11A   25A   42A

We now have in stock new bellows seals for the early Cat D4, D6 and D7 final drives that used this type of bellows seal.    If you would like to order your seals just notify us by either phone (1 800 531 9021 in the US of 1 208 342 8911 from outside the US) or by email 


D4 FINAL DRIVE SEAL    1A7589--->3B5706--> 1H9887--> 5H0425 BELLOWS SEAL    $139.00 EA
      This seal is actually a duo-application bellows seal.   It also fits the early Diesel 40 and the D6 2H series crawlers
      The D4 serial numbers used for this bellows seal are:
          D4 2T8270->2T9999
          D4 5T1 and up
          D4 6U and 7U series
          D4 29A 30A
          D4C 24A 39A 40A 54A 55A 69C
          955 12A  26A  45A
      For the earlier D4's and the later Diesel 30 crawlers (4G1 and up, 6G1 and up, 7J1 thru7J9999, 2T1 thru 2T8269) we
      have a solution.  The TD9 bellows seal above has the same OD and ID as the 2B8948-->3B5751-->5H3117 bellows seal
      used on those earlier serial numbers.  The TD9 seal is 5/16" thinner so you will need to either add cork or a spacer
      below the 1A3588 wear washer on the sprocket hub.   While this is not a perfect solution, we have supplied
      customers with this solution all over the world (US, AU, NZ, EU, and even Malta) and it works.


D6 FINAL DRIVE SEAL    1A4127--->3B5730--> 1H8868-->5H0426 BELLOWS SEAL     $148.00 EA
     Diesel 40 (see 5H0425 seals above)
     D6 2H (see 5H0425 D4 seals above)
     D6 4R/5R
     D6 8U/9U
     D6  32A
     D6B 44A1 thru 5154  37A  56A  57A
     D6 Traxcavator 10A
     955H  60A   72A
     977 20A Traxcavator
     561B Pipelayer

D7 FINAL DRIVE SEAL  6B5034-->1F0923 -->8F8241---> 5H0427                        BELLOWS SEAL   $ 156.00 EA
     D7 9G   (SEE D6 SEALS ABOVE)
     D7 7M1 AND UP
     D7 3T1 AND UP
     D7 17A1 AND UP
     572 Pipelayer
     977H Traxcavator



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We are set up to offer the payment options of either Visa, Master Card, or the PayPal option (to the account of

Al items below are in stock and if you would like to get any of them on the way just let us know!  If you are in the US you may call  1-800-531-9021 or if you are outside the US, 1 208 342 8911.  You may also email for orders/questions.

Our hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am Eastern Time to 6 pm Eastern Time (8 am Mtn Time to 4 pm Mtn Time).  We are located 20 miles east of Boise, Idaho.


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