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                                                                                            JOHN DEERE

GRIMY_Man_SM.jpg (55040 bytes)  We can usually ship on the same day any items we have in stock that do not have to be pulled from a machine. 
We are set up to offer the payment options of either Visa, Master Card, or the PayPal option (to the account of

Al items below are in stock and if you would like to get any of them on the way just let us know!  If you are in the US you may call  1-800-531-9021 or if you are outside the US, 1 208 342 8911.  You may also email for orders/questions.

Our hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am Eastern Time to 6 pm Eastern Time (8 am Mtn Time to 4 pm Mtn Time).  We are located 20 miles east of Boise, Idaho.

AR39128            BRONZE 45 INT TEETH      JOHNDEERE-AR39128DISC.jpg (86629 bytes)     $20.00

AR87422            BRONZE 54 INT TEETH      JOHNDEERE-AR87422DISC.jpg (89309 bytes)    $22.00

AT12989             PRESSURE PLATE, JD2010 STEERING CLUTCH    JOHNDEERE-AT12989PRESSUREPLATE.jpg (104539 bytes)    $367.00

                               SHUTTLE CLUTCH DISC  JD420 JD 430      $27.00

AT18548            FLYWHEEL CLUTCH DISC JD450        $221.00

AT21500            FLYWHEEL CLUTCH DISC JD450         $221.00

AT100837          BRONZE 59 INT TEETH   JD210C-JD310C-482CFKLFT-315C-CH-300D-310D    JOHNDEERE-AT100837DISC.jpg (82744 bytes)   $25.00

AT117553          BRONZE BIMETALLIC             AT117553-T44128_DISC.jpg (18204 bytes)                  $22.00

AT117908           BRONZE BIMETALLIC FRICTION DISCS         AT117908.JPG (222031 bytes)      $24.00
                             JD500'S, 570'S, 670'S, 450E, 450G, 455G,550G, 555G, 650G,
                               440'S, 540'S, 640'S And Others..........     Several Agricultural Tractors   

AT141683          FLYWHEEL CLUTCH DISC JD450           $221.00

M872T                STEEL 6 EXT LUGS JD 420 430 440 1010       JD_420_440_1010_STEERING_CLUTCH_DISCS.JPG (34137 bytes)     $14.00

M3293T             FIBER JD 420 430 440 1010                 JD_420_440_1010_STEERING_CLUTCH_DISCS.JPG (34137 bytes)                   $15.00

R31404                BRONZE 54 INT TEETH TRANS      JOHNDEERE-R31404DISC.jpg (88343 bytes)       $22.00

R39325                STEEL 6 EXT LUGS TRANS                   R39325.JPG (24448 bytes)               $15.00

R56547                 STEEL 6 LUGS TRANS DICS                  JOHN_DEERE_R56547_PLATE.JPG (101453 bytes)                         $15.00

R57345                STEEL 6 LUGS SEPARATOR PLATES     
JD_R57345 DISC.JPG (155685 bytes)             $15.00


R80813                STEEL SEPARATOR PLATES          R80813.JPG (181044 bytes)                   $19.00
                               JD500'S, 570'S, 670'S, 450E, 450G, 455G,550G, 555G, 650G,
                               440'S, 540'S, 640'S And Others..........Several Agricultural Tractors

R90644                STEEL 6 EXT LUGS         JOHNDEERE-R90644DISC.jpg (73217 bytes)        $20.00

RE23000            BRONZE 54 INT TEETH TRANS     JOHNDEERE-RE23000DISC.jpg (93715 bytes)    $22.00

RE234307            BRONZE 54 INT TEETH TRANS    JOHNDEERE-RE234307DISC.jpg (90084 bytes)     $22.00

RE27995            BRONZE 54 INT TEETH TRANS    JOHNDEERE-RE27995DISC.jpg (90163 bytes)     $22.00

T10578                STEEL SEPERATOR PLATE   JD 420 JD 430 SHUTTLE CLUTCH   T10578-JOHNDEERESTEEL DISC.jpg (69192 bytes)        $15.00

T14340                FIBER 33 INT TEETH JD2010                 JOHNDEERE-T14340DISC.jpg (79280 bytes)                $16.00

T14339                STEEL 6 EXT LUGS JD 2010                 JOHNDEERE-T14339DISC.jpg (78129 bytes)                  $16.00

T20716                FIBER 38 INT TEETH JD450 STR CL              SEE T44129 BIMETALLIC DISCS FOR REPLACEMENT

T20717                 STEEL SEPARATOR PLATE   JD450                 T20717_JD450_CLUTCH_PLATE.JPG (114500 bytes)       $17.00

T20790                FIBER 30 INT TEETH JD350 350B               PA170192.JPG (88234 bytes)                    $12.00

T21315                STEEL 6 EXT LUGS JD350 350B                  T21315 DISC.jpg (47963 bytes)                     $12.00

T31732                STEEL 6 EXT LUGS JD 450B 450C 450D 450E       JD450_450B_BIMETALLIC_AND_STEEL_DISCS_T44129_T31732.jpg (40311 bytes)   $17.00

T41472                FIBER 38 INT TEETH JD450 STR CL                        $15.00

T44128                BRONZE BIMETALLIC 350 350B 350C 350D 350E 400G STR CL       AT117553-T44128 DISC.jpg (66905 bytes)     $22.00

T44129                BRONZE 38 INT TEETH BIMET JD450 450B 450C 450D 450E STR CL      JD450_450B_BIMETALLIC_AND_STEEL_DISCS_T44129_T31732.jpg (40311 bytes)   $23.00

T82355                BRONZE 38 INT TEETH BIMET JD450 450B 450C 450D 450E STR CL      JD450_450B_BIMETALLIC_AND_STEEL_DISCS_T44129_T31732.jpg (40311 bytes)     $23.00

T100680             STEEL 54 EXT TEETH   JD210C-JD310C-482CFKLFT-315C-CH-300D-315D     JOHNDEERE-T100680DISC.jpg (60911 bytes)      $10.50

T100681             STEEL 3 EXT LUGS  JD210C-JD310C-482CFKLFT-315C-CH-300D     JOHNDEERE-T100681DISC.jpg (79491 bytes)    $20.00

T140926             STEEL 54 EXT TEETH  JD210C-JD310C-482CFKLFT-315C-CH-300D-315D      JOHNDEERE-T140926DISC.jpg (60762 bytes)        $10.50

T211853             FIBER 30 INT TEETH JD350 350B              $12.00

U44144                BRONZE BIMETALLIC 93 EXT TEETH     GOOD USED ON HAND     JOHN_DEERE_U44144_DISC.JPG (109830 bytes)         $35.00

Click HERE to view all of our new steering clutch discs.


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Email for orders or questions.

Contact John Parks at 1-208-342-8911
General Gear and Machine, 733 Desert Wind Rd.,
Boise, Idaho, 83716  US

All prices are in USD
All OEM part numbers are for references only


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