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The TD20B, TD20C and 250B 250C crawler dozers and loaders used steering brake packs (called Pivot Brakes ) and disc brakes for braking and steering.  The Pivot Brake discs were not all the same.  Different serial numbers required different bimetallic discs and different steel separator plates for the Pivot brakes.  If you do not have a serial number to your machine, be especially careful in picking out and ordering the correct discs!  Parts information and even service information can be found toward the bottom of this web page.

627305C1TD20BBRAKEDISC.jpg (32487 bytes) TD20B/250B     327187R92--->627305C1
Ser# 20B4001-20411 used 20
Ser#20B20412-UP used 24  (Check the parts pages below for serial numbers!!)  On the early machines, ten of the bimetallic discs were used for each pivot brake.  (20 total per machine)  Later machines used 24 total bimetallic discs ..12 per brake clutch) These can ship via Priority Mail both in the US and Internationally.     $27.00 ea per disc

324122R1TD15BBRAKEPLATE.jpg (79900 bytes)   TD20B/250B 327186R1     $17.00 ea
Ser#20B4001-20411 used 16
Ser#20B20412-UP used 20 (Steel separator plates) Qty 10 are used per side, 20 total for the machine.
These can ship via Priority Mail both in the US and Internationally.


     The International (Dresser) TD20B's and 250B's could also be upgraded to the later discs, but other parts were required.  The discs used were the same as used in the later TD20C and 250C dozers and track loaders. (SEE BELOW)

  The Pivot Brakes of the TD20C'S & 250C dozers and loaders  used 18 friction discs P/N 324456R1-->619200C1-->705105C1    $27.00 ea 619200C1  DISC.jpg (86414 bytes)


Both the early and the late TD20C's used qty 20 of the steel separator plates (ten per clutch)  P/N 324452R1 -->924109C1    $17.00 ea  324452R1 DISC.jpg (78333 bytes)


We have also produced the steering clutch retracting springs, 654675C1     set of (3)  35.00      IH-674675C1SPRING.jpg (90008 bytes)



The TD20B, 250B, TD20C, AND 250C'S used basically the same transmission discs in their powershift transmissions.   They were improved over the years and part numbers changed, and even the sizes were enlarged, but the design and function remained the same.  We provide the upgraded friction discs to go with the steel separator plates.   The quantities used per clutch changed, so be sure and check the parts pages to determine how many of the friction and steel discs were required for your machine.

TD20B (EARLY) BIMETALLIC TRANSMISSION DISC      327173R1-->702962C1  327173R1-702962C1.JPG (27663 bytes)   $20.00 ea

TD20B (EARLY)STEEL TRANSMISSION DISC                 327174R1                             327174R1.JPG (24376 bytes)   $15.00 ea

TD20B (LATE) BIMETALLIC TRANSMISSION DISC    702874C1                               702874C1.JPG (27751 bytes)   $25.00 ea

TD20B (LATE) STEEL TRANSMISSION DISC                156320H1                                156320H1.JPG (24234 bytes)    $18.00 ea

TD20C BIMETALLIC TRANSMISSION DISC    702874C1                                            702874C1.JPG (27751 bytes)    $25.00 ea

TD20C STEEL TRANSMISSION DISC                156320H1                                            156320H1.JPG (24234 bytes)    $18.00 ea

TD20C 250C Transmission Parts
TD20C 250C Transmission Service

TD20C 250C Pivot Brake & Steering Troubleshooting
TD20C 250C Pivot Brake Parts
TD20C 250C Pivot Brake Service


Click HERE to view all of our new steering clutch & friction discs.

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